Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Travel to the 'inland seas' where some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth is also the world's largest concentration of freshwater. The Great Lakes are home to varied wildlife, and 40 million Canadians and Americans rely on the Lakes for water. Discover how humanity has brought these Lakes to the brink of destruction... and back.

Showcasing Presque Isle State Park and Erie, PA



It takes a drop of water nearly 400 years to travel from the headwaters of Lake Superior to the edge of Lake Ontario. Along the way, the water passes by towering cliffs dotted with early Native American pictographs, caribou and moose grazing on the shores, over giant prehistoric sturgeon lurking among thousands of shipwrecks and past nearly 40 million people who live alone the more than 10,000 miles of coastline. It is a dramatic journey through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Now, you can witness the Mysteries of the Great Lakes on the only screen large enough to reveal them - The Big Green Screen.

educator resources

  • Learn about the many threats to the health of the Great Lakes and their inhabitants

  • Take a look at the history of the Great Lakes and how they were formed

  • Meet one of the world's largest and oldest freshwater fish - the Lake Sturgeon

  • Gain an appreciation for the Earth's supply of freshwater

group rates

Interested in bringing a school or organization to see Mysteries of the Great Lakes? Contact us here for special group rates and deals. Our theater can hold up to 175.


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